Beta Testing – So many Android users don’t know about this feature in Playstore.

Many Android Developers release a Beta Version of their Apps to some of their users who joined the Beta Program for testing their new version Features before releasing it into the public Officially.

Beta Apps – are new, experimental versions of Apps that are already and currently available in the play store. The beta versions may have features that are not available in public versions yet.

How to join Beta Program:

If You want to join in any App’s Beta program just follw below steps:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Find the app you like to join.
  • Go to Detail Page of the App and check about Beta Version Availability.
  • If there is a Beta Program, You will see a JOIN button.
  • Just click on Join to get their App’s Beta Version

Note: These Beta Versions may be Unstable, may Crash sometimes. Some features may not work properly.